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DID YOU KNOW? Hypocrite Bernie Only Gives 4% of His 205k Income to Charity

For a guy who shames capitalists,  literally calls himself a “Socialist” and has said there would be nothing wrong with a 90% tax for the wealthy, Bernie Sanders sure a tight-wad when it comes to giving up his OWN money to the poor.

Typical leftist.

All talk, no action – and a total hypocrite.

From CBS (April 2016)

Bernie Sanders released his full 2014 federal tax return Friday, revealing that he mostly lives off a six-figure government salary and donated about 4 percent of his family’s income to charitable causes.

Sanders and his wife, Jane, donated $8,350 to charity while reporting an adjusted gross income of about $205,000 that year, according to his tax return. The share of his family’s income that went to charity was about half the percentage of income that his primary opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, gave to charitable groups.

This viral tweet sums up the hypocrisy nicely. *There is some debate as to whether Bernie owns two, three or four homes, but the point remains the same.