Dear Liberals, Trump Didn’t Kill Big Bird, Sesame Street is on HBO, NOT PBS

Liberals are losing their collective minds over President Trump’s new budget that cuts funds to public broadcasting like liberal-slanted NPR.

These low-info dummies are screaming bloody murder over Sesame Street, which went corporate during the Obama regime and traded in their small town brownstone for a sleek high-rise pad over at HBO.

The reason the show moved its ORIGINAL programming to HBO (for at least five years) is because it was in deep financial trouble, which, again, occurred under the Obama administration.

I guess liberals didn’t care enough about Sesame Street back then to write a donation check.

Sesame Street has been operating at a loss for a very long time.

Over the past three years, the show lost over 20 million dollars.

Turns out liberal mommy’s and daddy’s stopped buying Tickle Me Elmo’s for their kids, so the merchandising dried up quick.

Those same parents also preferred watching FREE online shows rather than buying the Sesame Street videos.


So, while it’s a cute political ploy to pretend that President Trump is “killing Sesame Street,” it’s actually just more FAKE NEWS designed to make Trump appear like an evil monger.

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