Dear Fake News Media, Trump Says “BIG LEAGUE” not “BIGLY”

This may be the BIGGEST STORY of 2016.

Our entire mainstream media can’t get it through their heads that Donald Trump does not say the word “BIGLY” when he’s describing a momentous event.

He says “BIG LEAGUE.” 

He says it quick and runs the two words together “Bigleauge.”

I don’t understand why our media can’t figure this out.

And it wouldn’t be so annoying if the ignorant media and low-info liberals didn’t use the word “Bigly” to (falsely) characterize Trump as a dummy.

Ironically, the DUMMIES are the people who have been reporting the WRONG WORD for 2-freaking-years.

Please share this article so we can INFORM our FAKE NEWS media that they’re yet again WRONG.

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