De Blasio Claims “Being A Sanctuary City Means Less Terrorism”

De Blasio is now claiming that being a sanctuary city results in “less terrorism.”

This ridiculous statement from De Blasio is in response to Jeff Sessions proposal to cut federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities.

How stupid does he expect people to be to believe this???

From The Daily Caller

Sessions appeared at the White House to say that jurisdictions that ignore immigration detainers will lose Department of Justice grants, which total $4.1 billion for the upcoming fiscal year.

“President Trump’s latest threat changes nothing. We will remain a city welcoming of immigrants who have helped make our city the safest big city in the nation,” de Blasio said in response. “Any attempt to cut NYPD funding for the nation’s top terror target will be aggressively fought in court. We won’t back down from protecting New Yorkers from terror – or from an overzealous administration fixated on xenophobia and needless division.”

The attorney general, on the other hand, argued that sanctuary cities make America more dangerous. “Countless Americans would be alive today if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended,” Sessions said.


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