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BUSTED! WaPo forced to Retract “FAKE NEWS” Russian Power Grid Hack Story

Way to go for Infowars and Drudge Report! 

The Washington Post retracted a story claiming Russia hacked the U.S. power grid shortly after Infowars debunked the claim Friday.

The Post originally claimed that unidentified “code” linked to alleged Russian hackers had infiltrated the grid through a power company in Vermont.

The code was one of the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) released by the FBI and DHS Thursday alongside President Obama’s Russian sanctions. Although the IOCs included common malware and widely used tor network IP addresses, network administrators were encouraged to examine their systems for evidence of malicious activity.

Infowars began investigating the report, conferring with members of the cybersecurity community, and quickly determined the claims to be false.

While Infowars and the Drudge Report, which carried Infowars’ breakdown, correctly reported the facts, countless other media outlets continued to parrot the false claim.

Although the damage had likely already been done, the Post eventually retracted all of its initial claims concerning the incident.

The Department of Homeland security also followed suit Saturday by stating that no evidence supported the claim that the grid was breached.

It wasn’t until New Years day that the majority of media outlets finally began to report that the story had in fact been incorrect.

H/T – Infowars

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