BUSTED! FAKE NBC Poll Showing Hillary Up By 11 Points Was Conducted by a HILLARY SUPERPAC

Yup, it was so obvious. The SCAM national poll that all the mainstream media is so DESPERATELY pushing with Hillary Clinton supposedly up by 11 points ahead is a total fraud.

Just so turns out, the person conducting the poll is also running a Pro-Hillary clinton SuperPac.. Hmmmmmm.

Does the media know this? Yes. Do they care to tell you? Of course not, because they are all playing for the same Globalist Elites that Hillary serves.

The Conservative Treehouse Brilliantly Reports:

You have probably seen the latest example of the media claiming a released presidential poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal as an example of Hillary Clinton expanding to an 11 point lead in the weekend following the “controversial” leaked tape of Donald Trump.

The claim is complete and utter nonsense. Here’s the proof.

We begin with a google search showing hundreds of media citations referencing theNBC/WSJ Poll:


And here’s the NBC link to the poll, and the NBC Link to the pdf of the poll, and the NBC Poll itself in a scribed pdf:

Transparently the poll is manipulated with: a) a small sample (500); and b) the following ideological make-up:


By itself that ideological snapshot is silly. Nationally the party registration is roughly 27% (R), 32% (D), and 40% (I) – SEE HERE – However, the polling sample is the least of the issues for this deconstruction.

Arguing about the construct or methodology of the poll is typically what most people do when they are refuting a media poll. That aspect alone is not the big story.

Look at the polling organization:


Do you see: Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies?

Hart Research Associates is headed up by Peter D Hart (founder), and Geoff Garin (President) – SEE HERE

Now look at what role Geoff Garin, Heart Research Associate President, is currently occupying (link here):


OK, so Mr. Geoff Garin, the President of Hart Research and Associates”, is currently working as “a strategic adviser for Priorities USA in support of Hillary Clinton’s election“. Gee, I wonder why the media never tells us that part?

See the issue?

Wait, we’re not even close to finished. It gets better.

Let’s take a look at the recent financial connection between, Geoff Garin, Hart Research Associates and Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Super-PAC.

For that information we turn to FEC filings -HERE-. What do they indicate?


On Page #118 of the September 2016 (most recent) filing we find a payment for $178,500(screen grab above)

On Page #92 of the same September 2016 (most recent) filing, we find another payment for $42,000 (screen grab below)


♦ $220,500.00 in the month of September alone paid by Hillary Clinton’s Priorities USA Super-PAC to Hart Research Associates.

♦ The President of Hart Research Associates, Geoff Garin, is working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

♦ NBC (S Burke) and The WSJ (Murdoch) contact Geoff Garin (Hart Research Associates) for the post-debate poll data they will use on the day following the debate.

♦ Hart Research Associates provides a small national poll sample (500) result, with skewed party internals, showing Hillary Clinton +11 points.

Do you see now how “media polling” works, and why we advise to ignore it?

H/T – ConservativeTreehouse

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