BREAKING : Trump’s Speech Beats the OSCARS in the RATINGS!

President Trump delivered one of the best and most compelling presidential speeches ever.

Trump is receiving praise from both sides of the aisle for a presidential speech that was heartfelt, emotional, hopeful, and powerful.

Chris Wallace From Fox News put it best when he said, “Tonight Donald Trump became this nation’s President.”

The ratings are now in, and Trump’s Congressional speech beat out the Oscars in ratings, with more than 43 million viewers tuning in to listen to our 45th President of the United States deliver one of the greatest presidential speeches of all times.

From Adweek.com

More than 43 million watched Pres. Donald Trump‘s first address to Congress last night on the broadcast and cable news networks, according to Nielsen.

Fox News was the most-watched on all of TV for the speech, drawing 10.765 million. NBC was second (first among the broadcasters) drawing 9.144 million. Among the younger news demo (A25-54) NBC was first, followed by Fox News. NBC had The Voice as its lead-in. As these are Nielsen numbers, this only includes TV viewing and not viewers who watched on streaming services.

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