BREAKING : Sheriff Clarke Responds to Incoming Attacks on President Trump

Trump surrogate and America’s sheriff David Clarke is speaking out on the barrage of attacks being unleashed on President Trump.

President Trump is under attack from Obama’s Deep State operatives, whose singular goal is to remove him from office.

The latest hit piece comes from the New York Times, who published so-called “Comey memos,” taken from a meeting between Comey and the president.

Democrats and our lying media are claiming President Trump “obstructed justice” during the meeting.

A complete and total lie cooked up by the Deep State who is looking to overthrow the popular and successful America First agenda and reinstate the failed globalist movement that has destroyed middle-class America.

Why are we only hearing about these so-called “Comey memos” after he was terminated?

Recently President Trump fired the inept FBI director after outcries from both sides of the aisle demanded his replacement.

Following the termination, Democrats suddenly switched gears and politicized the event, labeling President Trump a “fascist” and calling for his impeachment over the firing.

Sheriff Clarke came out swinging hard, stating these attacks on President Trump are a direct attack against the will of we the people.

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