BREAKING : Sanctuary City Cancels “Cinco De Mayo” Festivities, Fearing ICE Will CRASH the Party

It’s not as “fun” to be an illegal in America anymore.

Gone are the good ol’ days when illegals could party in the streets without a care in the world.

Now, thanks to President Trump the rule of law has returned to our country, and people who are breaking the law are being held accountable, not handed a margarita.

The sanctuary city of Philadelphia has canceled their Cinco De Mayo festivities, fearing ICE will show up and arrest everyone.

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From NBC 10 Philadelphia

One of Philadelphia’s most prominent Latin American events, El Carnaval de Puebla, has been canceled this year because of what one organizer called “the severe conditions affecting the immigrant community.”

The annual parade through South Philadelphia has taken place in late April or early May for the last decade and is the city’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebration. Organizer Edgar Ramirez said as many as 15,000 gather from as far as New England and Chicago.

The decision to cancel El Carnaval, Ramirez said in an interview Friday, was “sad but responsible” in light of the immigration crackdown by federal authorities.

He said the entire Mexican-American community, both those here legally and those undocumented, are disheartened by reports of large-scale arrests and detainments by officers with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This week, ICE announced that 248 people in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia are now in federal custody awaiting deportation after a two-week sweep.

“The group of six organizers decided to cancel unanimously,” Ramirez said. “Everyone is offended by the actions of ICE. They did not feel comfortable holding the event.”

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