BREAKING REPORT : Trump Regrets Endorsing Traitor John Mccain

John Mccain and Lindsay Graham have been nothing but trouble since Trump won a historic victory November 8th. You certainly get the sense they were rooting for Hillary and were disappointed.

Now a new report from GotNews claims that Trump’s biggest regret has been endorsing John Mccain for re-election.

From GotNews:

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s “biggest regret” is endorsing Senator John McCain for re-election in 2016, according to a highly-placed source familiar with the Trump transition team’s private conversations.

The anonymous source told GotNews that President-elect Trump regrets endorsing McCain more than anything else because McCain is “so opposed” to Trump and his policies.

John McCain is the senior Senator from Arizona and a two-time failed presidential candidate. He was challenged in the Republican senatorial primaries in 2016 by Dr. Kelli Ward, but managed to survive.

President-elect Trump has expressed his regret for endorsing McCain privately, but not publicly — yet.

Last summer, new journalism start-up WeSearchr released never-before-heard audio tapes of McCain betraying his country in North Vietnam nearly 50 years ago. The tapes were originally recorded by the CIA and discovered — mislabeled and misfiled — in the U.S. National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

The tapes vindicated many Vietnam veterans, journalists, and then-Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, who all questioned McCain’s war record, but did not tank his candidacy. Listen for yourself right here:

It’s unclear whether the Vietnam tapes factored into the President-elect’s regret for endorsing John McCain.

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