BREAKING NEW POLL : Democrat’s Favorability Hits Embarrassing New Lows

The Democrats continue to be the party of smug, out-of-touch weirdos.

Since the 2016 election in November, Democrat’s favorability has slipped another 5 percentage points, down from 45% to a lowly 40%.

The new Gallup poll shows what we’ve said all along – Democrats are not in touch with the needs of Middle America.

They’ve become a fringe coastal party, more interested in riots, illegals, refugees, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

From Town Hall

Gallup released a poll Tuesday finding that “the Democratic Party’s ratings slipped to 40% — from 45% last November — while the Republican Party’s image is essentially unchanged at 39%.”

According to Gallup, neither party was highly rated throughout the 2016 election cycle, but Democrats maintained slightly higher favorable ratings, 45% compared to Republican favorability at 40%, in polling just after Donald Trump’s victory in November 2016.

“The decline in Democratic Party favorability is mostly a result of lower ratings from self-identified Democrats,” Gallup notes, “In November, 83% of Democrats had a positive opinion of the Democratic Party; now, 77% do. Independents are also slightly less positive toward the Democratic Party, while Republicans’ negative views of the opposing party are steady.”

“If anything, the Democratic Party’s positioning appears weakened, largely because its own supporters now hold a less positive view of the party,” Gallup concludes.

“If Democrats cannot improve their party’s image between now and November 2018, it may hinder their ability to regain some measure of power in Washington,” they add.

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