BREAKING : Merkel Gives the Worst Excuse Ever for Flooding Germany with “Refugees”

Over a million Islamic refugees enter Germany because of Merkel’s policies. OVER A MILLION.

What follows? Violence, sexual assault, total lack of assimilation, complete destruction of a culture.

You may be wondering, what the hell was Merkel thinking?

Turns out she was not thinking all that much.

According to a new report in the DailyCaller, Merkel kept the border open because she thought clashes between refugees and police would “look bad on TV.”

Maybe she should have thought a little more deeply.

Instead of police clashes, because of her foolish open borders policies,  she can now watch and read all about the rampant RAPES and MURDERS by Islamic refugees she welcomed in instead.

At least we in the United States can be glad we didn’t end up with a Angela Merkel of our own in the way of Hilary Clinton.

From DailyCaller

German Chancellor Angela Merkel allegedly decided to keep the border open for refugees in September 2015 because she feared clashes between migrants and police would look bad on television.

Robin Alexander, politics editor at newspaper Die Welt, describes the events that led Merkel to welcome a million refugees in a book released this week. The government reversed a decision to shut the gates last minute despite information that 40,000 migrants could enter in a single weekend.

Alexander claims Merkel changed her mind after Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière asked police what would happen along the border.

“Can we live with the images that will come out of this?” de Maizière asked a senior police official, according to an excerpt from the book seen by The Sunday Times. “What happens if 500 refugees with children in their arms run towards the border guards?”

De Maizière shared the information with Merkel, who called for the border to remain open just hours before it was scheduled to close.

“For historical reasons, the chancellor feared images of armed German police confronting civilians on our borders,” Alexander writes in the book.

Alexander said the order was based on the government’s unwillingness to assume responsibility for possible clashes rather than humanitarian and ethical concerns. The book further argues Merkel’s policies created an “anxiety about migration” that fueled the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom and Donald Trump’s run for president of the U.S.


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