BREAKING : Liberals RUTHLESSLY MOCK VP Pence for Respecting His Wife and Marriage 

Liberals are so “edgy and cool” that if you’re not having an extramarital affair, supporting woman-shaming hijabs, and dancing around in a giant rubber vagina suit, you’re clearly a “social reject” and deserve to be heckled.

That’s pretty much the running liberal-theme when it comes to traditional Christian values.

Liberals are perfectly ok with Islam beating up on women and gays, however, it’s “open season” on Christians who share their wholesome family values.

A prime example of this warped attitude was on full display in a Washington Post article, where the writer tees up a negative “bumpkin” narrative of VP Pence simply because he doesn’t eat alone with other women, and his wife accompanies him to festive events.

The horror!

Liberals took the bait and shredded the VP, going so far as to compare his life to “Sharia Law” (which ironically progressive ding-a-lings support).

 From Town Hall

Washington Post writer Ashley Parker caused quite a stir on Wednesday when she publicized her feature on second lady Karen Pence with the following tweet.

Clearly, she was trying to suggest Pence was out of the mainstream and represented a backwards way of thinking – and liberals took the bait.

A Mother Jones writer seemed to think that Pence’s conservative behavior suggests he has never hired women to senior positions.

Her rant about his “weird hangups” went on for several tweets more, but I’ll spare you.

Other progressive critics suggested his behavior was no better than Sharia Law.

Pence is not the only conservative Christian to be mocked for simply practicing chastity. Back in 2008, actor Kirk Cameron explained on the “Today” show that his faith would not allow him to kiss another woman onscreen. So, during intimate scenes for his film “Fireproof,” his real life spouse subbed in as a body double for the leading actress.

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