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BREAKING : Liberal Media Busted Lying about the Impact of Trump’s “Meals on Wheels” Cut

The liberal media is in complete anti-Trump propaganda mode, yet keeps getting busted for distorting truth over and over again.

You have probably seen the mainstream news article complaining about President Trump’s “Meals on Wheels” cut, making it seem like a catastrophic move that will result in starving seniors.

The reality is, government grants make up a tiny portion of the program’s funding.

From AllenWest

The other day — perhaps to tweak me — a friend asked me to defend Donald Trump’s plan to cut funding to “Meals on Wheels” for seniors. I had no response, because I didn’t know the facts.

But now I do.

Per Fox News, President Trump’s proposed cuts to the popular “Meals on Wheels” program have prompted dire warnings — but they appear to ignore the fact that only a fraction of the program’s budget comes from the government.

A glance at the program’s 2015 financial statement shows the program brought in just over $7.5 million in funding that year, mainly from corporate and foundation grants making up $5.15 million.

Government grants made up just $248,347 of the funding – or 3.3 percent of total funds.

Gosh, that’s…miniscule.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop the liberal outrage from exploding.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers accused Trump of being “dead inside.”

“Meals on Wheels?!” he asked rhetorically. “How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food? Your heart is so small it makes your tiny hands look like catcher’s mitts.”

Twitter erupted with questions about Trump’s mental state for his supposed desire to starve the elderly.

Oh and by the way, any cuts to NPR will not cut Sesame Street. It’s on HBO now.