BREAKING : Fox News Has Lost Their Damn Minds! Offered Megyn Kelly 100 Million to Stay

On Tuesday Megyn Kelly announced she was jumping ship from Fox News to NBC.

The unpopular diva disgraced herself during the first GOP debate when she inserted herself into the discussion by personally attacking Donald Trump.

Now, we’re learning that Fox News offered Kelly $100 million package to stay.

Clearly, they’ve lost their minds.

From The Hill:

Fox News offered Megyn Kelly a $100 million package to stay with the network, according to a Wednesday exclusive from Mediaite.

News broke Tuesday that the host of the highly rated prime-time “Kelly File” is moving to NBC News.

Mediaite said Kelly was offered a four-year Fox News contract at $25 million per year, but rejected it after having already made up her mind to jump to NBC News. Kelly will host her last program on Fox on Friday, though the 46-year-old’s current contract officially expires in July.

The terms of Kelly’s deal with NBC have not been disclosed, but according to The New York Times, she will not be appearing on Fox’s cable news competitor, MSNBC.

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