BREAKING : Disgraced Starbucks CEO Steps Down

Disgraced CEO Howard Schulz is stepping down as Starbucks CEO.

This move comes as the Starbucks brand is being hammered into the ground by Schultz’s controversial comments and anti-American pledge to hire 10 thousand REFUGEES.

The company is facing backlash, boycotts, and recent polling shows Americans do not approve of the liberal agenda being pushed by Schultz and the overpriced coffee company.

Of course, liberals will spin this as a positive, saying Schultz is staying on as “executive chairman.”

However, the truth is, Schultz’s wild liberal propaganda has negatively impacted the company, and having him at the helm is only causing further damage.

From Seattle Times

On April 2, 63-year-old CEO Howard Schultz is stepping down from his second stint at the helm of the company he built into a global empire. The first time he left, an overexpanding Starbucks crashed into a sharp recession, and he returned to put the company back on the rails.

This time, he leaves the CEO position as questions again loom about Starbucks’ growth prospects — and about his own future as an advocate for social causes and, perhaps, a political candidate.

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