BOMBSHELL REPORT : Guess Who Just Got Caught with Russian Investments?

According to a new bombshell report from GotNews, Maxine Waters is the one with the “Russia problem.”

Is this a classic case of “projection” where Maxine accuses Trump of what she herself is guilty of?

From GotNews

California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters held $200,000 in Russia-linked retirement accounts in 2015, even while she hypocritically calls for President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment over his financial connections to Russia, according to her most recently available House financial disclosure documents.

Waters’s cash-grabbing shamelessness has never known bounds. In 2012, she barely squeaked through a three-year House Ethics Committee investigation after abusing her position to funnel $12 million in bailout money to her husband’s bank.

Her Russian investments will surprise no one in her district, where impromptu signs declaring the congresswoman a “poverty pimp” and a race baiter have been popping up for years.

Waters’ 2015 disclosure statement details her family’s investments in BlackRock’s Russia-connected Global Allocation and Balanced funds.

2015 SEC filings for both funds advise of their involvement in Russian precious metals and securities:

A Fund may invest in the equity securities of companies that explore for, extract, process or deal in precious metals (e.g., gold, silver and platinum), and in asset-based securities indexed to the value of such metals. … The major producers of gold include the Republic of South Africa, Russia, Canada, the United States, Brazil and Australia. … A Fund may invest a portion of its assets in securities issued by companies located in Russia.

In the midst of a March meltdown comparing the Trump administration, the Ku Klux Klan and Russia, Waters told her Twitter followers to, “Follow the money.”

A Sept. 2015 BlackRock Balanced SEC filing reveals her fund’s nearly $2.8 million in obligations to the Russian Federation.

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