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Biden “I Knew Hillary Would Lose Battleground States”

Well, well, well…

Looks like Biden is going after sore loser Hillary yet again.

He’s already come out multiple times since she lost and has absolutely lambasted her.

This time around, he’s claiming that he knew she would lose battleground states.

From The Daily Caller

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that he knew a month before the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton would lose key battleground states.

Biden made the comment during a closed-door appearance with Mitt Romney at the annual Romney-hosted E2 Summit, reports Politico.

Based on his assessment of campaigning in those key battleground states, he said, he knew a month before the election that Clinton would lose them.

Biden also stepped on Hillary just last month, saying he never thought she was a “great candidate” during a conference in Las Vegas.

During the E2 appearance, Biden encouraged Mitt Romney to run for Senate in 2018, which caused the audience to cheer.