Ben Stein “Trump Did Nothing Wrong! Leaks Are BS!”

On Thursday, disgraced former FBO director James Comey testified before Congress, where he vindicated President Trump.

Comey admitted President Trump did not obstruct justice, he was never under FBI investigation, and not one single U.S. vote was altered because of the “big bad Russians.”

The whole investigation is a joke and 100% fake news.

Former Nixon speechwriter and actor Ben Stein appeared on Fox Business where he correctly stated President Trump did nothing wrong and the leaks are BS!

From Breitbart

During Saturday’s “Cavuto on Business,” former Nixon and Ford speechwriter, actor and author Ben Stein said in a discussion about James Comey’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that President Donald Trump did not do anything wrong because he did not order Comey to stop the investigation into Russian collusion.

“Trump didn’t do anything wrong,” Stein declared. “He did not order Comey to stop the investigation. He did not order anybody to stop the investigation. The bottom line is that these leaks are all BS.”

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