BACKFIRE! Gillibrand Loses Dem “Rising Star” Status After F-Bombs

Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand shocked the political world by dropping multiple F-Bombs on her way to an unhinged attack on President Trump.

From FoxNews

While speaking at the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University, Gillibrand criticized President Trump’s accomplishments in the White House.

“Has he kept any of these promises? No, f*** no,” Gillibrand said.

“Fundamentally, if we are not helping people, we should go the f*** home,” she added.

The hypocritical liberal media of course tried to cover up for Gillibrand.

While they would call for impeachment if Trump ever used an “f-bomb” instead CNN called Gillibrand’s obscenities ” a bold new tone.”

Meanwhile, Yahoo News ran a story trying to equate being vile as some sort of feminist statement.

However if you scroll down to the “top comments” you see what the PUBLIC is seeing.

Gillibrand has lost all credibility and will not recover from this into a serious presidential candidate.




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