After Importing a MILLION “Migrants,” Merkel Calls Islamic Terrorism Germany’s “Biggest Threat”

You can’t even make this up. Angela Merkel must truly think the German people are stupid.

After force feeding Germany a million poorly vetted Islamic migrants, the country became a cesspool of violence and rape. The complete destruction of German culture has lead to a swift backlash and Merkel’s party has already lost two regional elections.

Instead of admitting her mistake, Merkel has gone on a rampage against what she considers “fake news,” calling on Facebook to instill North Korea styled media censorship to stop the independent media from exposing her¬†disgraceful blunders.

Now, in a 180 degree flip flop, Angela Merkel is calling Radical Islamic terrorism Germany’s biggest threat.

From TheMirror

Angela Merkel has told Germany Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the country in 2017.

In her new year message, the German chancellor said 2016 had been ‘a year of severe tests’ following this month’s terror attack in Berlin.

Twelve people were killed when a truck was used to mow down revellers at a Christmas market on December 19.

Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack, carried out by Tunisian national Anis Amri.

Mrs Merkel has been criticised for her ‘open door policy’ which has allowed hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country since last year.

Sorry Merkel, too little, too late.  Germans would be wise to vote the leader that destroyed their culture OUT.

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